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Loki piaffe

Sunborn Stables Schooling Horse Show – September 28th, 2014 - for more information click here

Sunborn Student Profile
Miss Mattie and Kaytlyn Rowen.First level Champion at year end Championship Show, the CSDEA Festival!
Sunborn Stables features a comprehensive dressage and eventing education where time-honored traditions meld with new approaches. We train according to the principles of the USDF Training Pyramid and also have our own Riding Pyramid for training our riders! We believe both horses and riders have to continually develop their fitness and their overall core strength and tone, while they develop specific skills along the way. Our riders become disciplined and creative artists who not only look good on a horse, but can enhance the natural beauty of the horse. But perhaps most importantly, our riders develop the versatility and skills to ride any type of horse.
Founded in 2000 by Julie Penshorn, a United States Dressage Federation Certified Instructor and Trainer, Sunborn Stables has three additional teachers and a fabulous working environment. The footing is perfect, and the preparation area is warm!
Riding is a wonderful, comprehensive, experiential activity that improves balance, agility, and strength. It’s a unique opportunity to experience teamwork with another living being! With riding, people get what they need. For example, children often develop their responsibility, empathy, self discipline, self confidence, respect, courage, and sense of fairness, while adults often say they feel more confidence, gain strength, and have fun! (Go to “Lessons” for more information.)
Loki and Julie Penshorn at Bill Wood’s clinic, 2011

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