Play with it!

Many of us get a serious case of “trying too hard fever” when we ride our horses. We want to do well and get it right, and yet our good intentions seem to backfire as our horse gets more frustrated with our crookedness, our mistakes and our inconsistencies. My suggestion, play with it. Don’t do a shoulder-in for more than a few steps. Even if you don’t love it then, change to a renvers, or a half pass, or a circle. Make a transition in the shoulder-in. Do different stuff to let you get your own body unkinked and let the horse get out of the pressure cooker you put him in. Play with the exercises and movement. Stay looser about perfection. Even at a show, we only need to be perfect in the show ring! Take a swing at some new stuff. Goof around, make a mistake and have some fun!

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