More on following the mechanics of the gaits. . .

Most of the people who have lost their power are women and girls who have physically disconnected with themselves – often due to threatening or at least inappropriate behavior toward them. Unintentionally, their riding lessons often bring them to realizations about how they have been trained to give up their … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Rider

The other day someone called me “old school.” That comment was largely prompted because I use an ancient Passier saddle with no thigh blocks, and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the “modern” saddles that, in my opinion, severely limit the freedom of the leg. I began my dressage career riding … Continue reading

Open House was a Blast!

Thanks to every student, boarder, parent, and friend who helped out at the Sunborn Stables Open House. It was a great time! People got lots of hands-on opportunities, but also got a bit of education as they watched beginner to advanced riders do what they do. They also watched some … Continue reading

Play with it!

Many of us get a serious case of “trying too hard fever” when we ride our horses. We want to do well and get it right, and yet our good intentions seem to backfire as our horse gets more frustrated with our crookedness, our mistakes and our inconsistencies. My suggestion, … Continue reading

War horse, the movie, reviewed

The new Spielberg movie, War Horse, started bad and got worse. Contrived, and appealing to childish ideals and dreams about what relationships among horses, and between horses and humans are like, the move was a real disappointment. Worse, it was attended by almost a full house on Christmas Day, and … Continue reading

The Canter Depart

If you mastered the walk to trot transition, the walk to canter or trot to canter transitions are not too much more complicated. However, it does require that your horse be light to the aids. So start by testing the walk to trot transitions and make sure they are sharp, … Continue reading